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Pure precision

Our company has the possibility to produce slabs with a thickness of 12 millimetres, thin and perfect at the same time.


Our History

In 1969, Riccardo Dal Corso, together with his sons Giancarlo, Dionigio and Tiziano, laid the groundwork for Cervino, a company located in the small town of Stallavena (VR) that initially produced the so-called “cocciame”, in other words, marble processing waste derived from the trimmings of slabs and blocks.

During the 70s, this company expanded progressively and it began to venture into the production of diamond blades, aiming at fully responding to customers’ requests and needs in an experimental and innovative way. 
In the early 80s, the manufacturing and the processing of granite tiles began, which were used in both covering and paving.

In 2012, accurate research was carried out to produce a diamond wire that could cut granite efficiently. In that same year, the first multi-wire frame was purchased to expand the range of products proposed to our customers and to meet the growing needs of the market.
An additional multi-wire frame was purchased in 2021, the new Pedrini multi-wire frame, to increase the production of slabs keeping up with technical innovation.

Even now Cervino pursues the project of constant progress and evolution, forging granite products with passion and skills.
Our professional assets earned over the years is being shared and improved by the new generations.

Discover our machines
Discover our machines

Our best qualities

Why Cervino?


Our skilled and helpful team ensures reliability and safety to all our customers.


Our company ensures fast service satisfying in the best way customers’ requests in record time.


The quality of our products demonstrates the work we carry out with passion and efficiency.


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